That Day..

April 21, 2012

When the graves are flung upon and the souls are called!
When the tormented will wish for torment rather than to give account!
When the pious shall not fear!
When the body gives testimony against the soul!
When no friend will stand for each other!
When a mother runs from her child!
What will you say? What will I say?
When the blessings are counted out one by one! Each, a mountain compared to the pebble of good we did!
When each moment is shown!
When the loser realizes he sacrificed the fountain for a sip of dirty water!
When he runs to Allah’s Messenger begging for comfort and the angels drag his worthless corpse away!
When Hell is dragged forth and the sun is thrown in!
When the naked will not even glance at each other!
When everything you were told shall come to pass!
When the criminals and the righteous shall separate like oil and water!
A Day like no other!
When the oppressor will wear the shackles and the oppressed will stand over them!
When those who granted no mercy shall be shown none!
When the poor will be kings and queens!
Then on that Day will you weep or will you smile?
Will you rejoice or wish you had never come into existence?

Then behold that Day!

The day the King of kings shall hold court…




March 7, 2012

















Dua, the most unstoppable force the world has ever seen.




As Though…

December 1, 2011

Humble yourself as though the world knows your sins
Eat as though you are full
Give as though you are rich
Pray as though it is your last prayer
Seek mercy as though you have no deeds to offer
Seek the masjid as though it is your home
Hide your good deeds as though they were your bad
Be in this world as though you are a traveller
Treat your neighbours as though they were your kin
Search for knowledge as though it is food
Race to the good as though your beloved is there
Invest in your children as though they are your second chance
Aid the poor and oppressed as though you are in need of them


Put your trust in Allah truly believing as though He alone can aid you..


Short Thoughts…

September 3, 2011

Il be adding some short thoughts i have here and there.
Feel free to add any of your own BUT they have to be your own..

Are you even worthy to mention Allah’s name?

You ask people to trust you but ask yourself and be truthful as to if you really trust Allah.

Don’t ever be the best you can for anyone else. Don’t even be the best for yourself. Be the best you can for the One who deserves nothing short of your best.

There is a time to be loud. And there is a time to be quiet. But its always time to use wisdom when doing both.

Its never about being known. Our history forgets those who put their pride first. Its remembers those who hid their great deeds.

The wise one keeps the faith. The weak falls at each hurdle.

If you are not seeking the Pleasure of Allah you are seeking His Wrath. There is no in between.

We were not sent to learn the bad habits of others around us. We were sent to teach them and bring them to the level worthy of being a true worshiper. Of being a Muslim.

Its all a matter of wills. If your will to do good is stronger then theirs inshAllah you will bring them up with you. If their will to do wrong is stronger, then you will drown with them.

Do not be in awe by a persons question for it might be the only thing they know. Do not be fooled by a persons silence. It might be that they have forgotten more then you will ever learn.

We make not excuses for others yet expect them to be made for us.

Our hearts are like wells and the dua is like a bucket. Use the bucket to bring what’s inside to the surface and ask Allah for all your needs.

A person has no problems getting on their hands and knees if they drop something or are looking for something yet find it difficult to humble themselves before the One who gave them life.

Why is Deen so difficult to give to our children and love so easy when Deen is what will benefit them far more?

What is it that you own that cannot be taken away? For one day it will all be taken away.

If you find a person who has more knowledge and sincerity then you then know that it is because they have less sin then you.

If a person was to throw a full good meal in the bin we would consider it a waste but wouldn’t bat an eyelid to a person throwing away their time, wealth and actions in other then the service of Allah.

All those people we tried to please in this world over the want of pleasing Allah? Will they look for us while we are in the fire?

Trying to disprove the Quran? You have more chance of pushing the sun round the earth using oven gloves to protect your hands.

Reach for the sky? No. Muslims reach for the heavens.

Remember the poor and the captives. It may well be that one the Day of Judgement they will be kings and Queens and you will need them to remember you.

You ever had that moment where someone takes your picture and they catch you at an awkward moment and you hate the picture?
Does that one picture define you?
It’s the same with certain moments in our lives. Just because we had them they don’t define us.

The greatest sacrifice is the silent one

The more you learn the less you talk

Sometimes in life what we want to be our medicine is really our poison.

When I am grateful for every single thing I have maybe then Ill start feeling dismayed when I don’t have more.

Getting and no giving. Is that what your relationship with Allah is based on?

He who has no one always has The One.

Our Prophet laid the foundation. Now what will you build on it?

It is nothing but arrogance to think we will wake each morning.

How great is Allah who gives you what you need without you to even ask for it.

Make dua to Allah for the big and the small for He is the Lord of all.

How can men talk about unity if they haven’t even made salah in jammah a regular occurrence?

The Quran is like an ocean. Dive in.

Enough room to make sajood and enough room for them to bury you. That’s all the room you need.

Guns don’t destroy nations. Sins do.

Want to learn generosity? Learn from the poor.

Want to learn about yourself? Benefit someone who cannot benefit you.

How did we get from asking to getting to forgetting?

Want to kill time? Then know that time is killing you.

99 people cannot benefit you in the slightest when compared to just one of Allah’s names.

Wonder at the mercy of Allah where He allows us to ask for Jannah having done nothing to deserve it and seek refuge from the fire when you have done nothing to avoid it.

When you think you are somebody then know you nobody. Know when you think you are nobody you are somebody before Allah.

What will kill you? Weakness. What causes weakness? Lack of sincerity.

A woman will convince her husband with dunya. Why not use the same affection to convince them of the Hereafter?

Do not complain about what you don’t have. There is no glamour in the grave.

The rain pours down when your dua is raised up.

It doesn’t matter how you die. It matters in which state you die.

Its little deeds that snowball into huge ones. Just make the effort.

If you need others to stand with you for what you believe then best you just sit.

It doesn’t matter if they would do it for you. What matters is you did it for them.

Me, myself and I. Three friends who are the only ones I need to share my deeds with.

The active one who looks will find good to do. The negligent will not have to worry. Sin will come to him.

Death is a release for the believer in this life. Death will be a wish for the disbeliever in the next.

Criticism can be your friend but praise will always be your enemy.


This Is Your Lord…

August 20, 2011

This is your Lord
This is His right

This is you
This is your right

You who have no rights are showered with them
He who deserves all His rights receives none from you

If this was trade, you would be considered a thief

If this was done to you, you would certainly complain

If this was done to anyone you knew, you would tell them to leave this relationship

This is your Lord
So where is His right?

If he took back His favours
What could you do?

If He took you to account
To who could you run for help?

This is your Lord
So recognise His right

Not for Him. Mighty and Magestic
But for yourself

He was the Lord of Muhammed
Upon whom be peace
He is your Lord
While you search for peace

He saw then
He sees now
It is only the hands that ask what changed

This is your Lord
Which of His names ring in your heart?

You will make a good thing bitter
But your Lord will make a bitter thing sweet

You who only worships out of necessity
Yet He divides and accepts that little which you managed to do

You who find obligations are chore
Yet He obliges things upon Himself

This is your Lord
So worship him as such..


My dua for her…

June 19, 2011

Oh Allah!

Increase her knowledge and decrease her being known!

Oh Allah!

Never let her love for the people increase if it decreases her love for You!

Oh Allah!

Deny her not Your Mercy!

Oh Allah!

Keep her close to those who love to meet You and far from those who dislike to die!

Oh Allah!

One more Ramadahan! One more Ramadan!

Oh Allah!

Never let them see what she do. Be it from the good or the bad!

Oh Allah!

Never let her back bend for other then You!

Oh Allah!

Never let her be content with her deeds!

Oh Allah!

Never let her put her hand in a situation she cannot handle!

Oh Allah!

Make the good ease for her and the forbidden an impossibility!

Oh Allah!

Grant her passage to the places that please You and never where You are angry!

Oh Allah!

Give her character that You are pleased with and that will be pleasing for Your sake alone!

Oh Allah!

You know her weakness, turn them into her strength!

Oh Allah!

Make her dependency upon You alone!

Oh Allah!

Jannah for the one who has my heart by Your Mercy!


To Have, To Hold…

October 21, 2010

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